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PFRC - Best IVF Center In Bangladesh

PFRC - Best IVF Center In Bangladesh 

Embryos are formed by IVF when sperm and eggs are combined outside, and the embryos are then implanted in the uterus. IVF increases a woman's chance of getting pregnant. Professional fertility centers provide a comprehensive range of treatment choices, including egg freezing, IVF, and IUI.

Neither two treatment plans should be the same because nobody's reproductive issues are identical. Fertility specialists are aware of this and willing to go to whatever lengths to assist you in realizing your family-building goals.

To address issues with male and female infertility,Prashanth Fertility Research Centre (PFRC) provide exceptional facilities and a modernized infrastructural convenience for cutting-edge and finest infertility treatments.

IVF Centers In Bangladesh

IVF Centers In Bangladesh In common terms, IVF is popularly known as "test-tube babies." Millions of individuals worldwide have had their lives revolutionized by IVF. IVF treatment is essential since it aids many people who possibly would not be capable of conceiving. read more...


    Incidentally, we would like to make a mention that our Prasanth Fertility Research Centre has been adjudged as 'Internationally Accredited Clinic' by the Global Clinic Rating.


    We have also been awarded with the prestigious European Award of 'THE ROSE OF PARACELSUS" for the best medical practices and practioner.


    In the Times of India survey, we have been placed consecutively 3 years in the 1st rank in Chennai and 5th rank in India towards the All India Fertility and IVF Rank Survey, 2019.



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